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Creating Solutions with Solutions

Some jobs start with a problem. In 2007, an end customer began to complain about light reflection from a metal part on their received product. Four chemically etched parts were included on the product, but the two installed on the sides were especially problematic. Because the base metal for the parts was formed by electroplating, one side was smoo...
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From Design to Market: Metal Prototyping in the Modern World

Man holding prototype drone

Rapid Prototyping can be the difference between a contract and a failure. With advancements in technology and computing, production has surged with the ability to create what once took years in only days or less. With CNC subtractive methods and 3-D printing now available to the home consumer, even the hobbyist now has the ability to prototype...
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Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber Creates Custom Stainless Awards

On September 28th, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber held the 2016 Spotlight On Business Awards to honor Chamber Members that have set the standard for exemplary business practices. The community provided the nominations for the awards, voting on these 7 local businesses that set the bar high for exemplary business practices in 2016:  Small Bus...
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