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NW Etch Offers More Than Technical Parts

Northwest Etch has a solid reputation for manufacturing precision metal parts for a diverse range of industries, including medical, aerospace, electronics, defense and more. We've used our specialized photochemical machining capabilities to create everything from orthodontia pins and medical parts to prototype aircraft parts. We use a chemical proc...
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When Should You Utilize the Photo-Chemical Machining Process?

Photo Chemical Machining, also known as Photo Etching, is a chemical milling process used to produce highly complex, thin metal parts with intricate details that cannot be obtained via other machining methods. The photo etching process utilizes etchants to dissolve away unwanted portions of metal, so the process does not affect the temper of the ra...
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Seattle Brewery Partners with NW Etch for Brand Building

When Two Beers Brewing Company of Seattle needed a marketing touch that would help them stand out and support their brand, they looked to NW Etch's photo chemical machining process.  A Special Touch​ NW Etch was chosen to create a commemorative tag for Two Beers Brewing Company's Fall Alta Series "Overhang" Imperial Porter. The limited release...
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