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NW Etch Offers More Than Technical Parts

Northwest Etch has a solid reputation for manufacturing precision metal parts for a diverse range of industries, including medical, aerospace, electronics, defense and more. We've used our specialized photochemical machining capabilities to create everything from orthodontia pins and medical parts to prototype aircraft parts.

We use a chemical process to etch thin metal parts according the specifications provided by our customers. Our commitment to delivering exactly what the customer wants is reflected in our inspection process, where we painstakingly ensure the final product(s) matches the request. 

NW Etch Also Makes Artistic Pieces

While technical custom parts are the bread and butter of our business, we do from time to time have the privilege of creating artistic designs and decorative pieces.

For example, this piece shown above is a beautiful fractal pyramid that we carefully created out of a brass sheet that is .025 inches thick. The triangles within triangles become gradually smaller throughout the design. While our core business is precision metal parts, we are happy to review requests for more artistic pieces such as this to meet unique needs. 

About Northwest Etch

Northwest Etch is a metal etching company in Tacoma, Wash., that provides photo chemical machining services. We work with a wide variety of metals, including copper, beryllium copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Northwest Etch creates precision metal parts for a wide variety of industries. 

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