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Congressman & Small Business Administration Award NW Etch

Not only does NW Etch know their way around metal, they also know how to receive one! An award, that is. On February 17th, 2016 NW Etch welcomed some unexpected guests. The visitors happened to be Congressman Derek Kilmer and Maria Contreras-Sweet, Administrator from the Small Business Administration. Their visit was a celebratory one, as NW Etch w...
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A Shining History of Stainless Steel

One of the first uses of stainless steel was in cutlery, where it is still used today.

Iron gets well-deserved credit as being a building block of civilization because of its revolutionary impact on warfare and farming, but perhaps stainless steel should be considered equally influential. While the real impact of stainless steel wasn't felt until the early 20th Century, it has been called "the miracle metal" and "the crowning achieve...
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When Should You Utilize the Photo-Chemical Machining Process?

Photo Chemical Machining, also known as Photo Etching, is a chemical milling process used to produce highly complex, thin metal parts with intricate details that cannot be obtained via other machining methods. The photo etching process utilizes etchants to dissolve away unwanted portions of metal, so the process does not affect the temper of the ra...
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