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Seattle Brewery Partners with NW Etch for Brand Building

When Two Beers Brewing Company of Seattle needed a marketing touch that would help them stand out and support their brand, they looked to NW Etch's photo chemical machining process. 

A Special Touch

NW Etch was chosen to create a commemorative tag for Two Beers Brewing Company's Fall Alta Series "Overhang" Imperial Porter. The limited release edition beer has a hand-dipped wax seal. Attached to the wax seal is a string bearing a decorative metal tag. Pulling the string breaks the wax seal so the bottle can be opened. To create an artisan touch, every bottle is hand signed and numbered by the bottler.

Wax-dipped bottles aren't uncommon for brewers to add to their products, but the addition of a dated, commemorative tag ups the unique factor. NW Etch produced the thin, metal tags with "2014 Fall Alta Series " etched on the surface. The goal behind the tag was to create a piece that Two Beers Brewing Company could incorporate in their branding efforts that would stand out. 

Photo Chemical Machining Brand Building Products

 Photo chemical machining is an excellent process for creating marketing products like branded calendars and ornaments. The thin, flat metal makes a great background for etching text and images, such as logos and contact information, along with artistic detailing. Metal tags alone could be used for a variety of promotional gifts, from branded wine tags for bottles or glasses to personalized keychains.

To make projects even easier, NW Etch has low-cost prototypes to perfect a design before full production. We also have in-house graphics and CAD services during the design stage, and pieces are rigorously inspected for quality. What kinds of brand building tools could your business be using? Find out more about our production process to see if photo chemical machining can help.

About Northwest Etch

Northwest Etch is a photo etching company in Tacoma, Washington, that provides precision metal parts manufacturing. We work with a wide variety of metals, including copper, beryllium copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Northwest Etch creates custom thin metal parts for a wide variety of industries. 

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