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Northwest Etch Helps Create Innovative Eliza Light

Northwest Etch National Business Development Manager Mitch Zoch's answer to what Northwest Etch does? Whether it's in reply to someone familiar with photo chemical machining or outside the industry, Mitch explains, "We have fun every day, due to the people and concepts we get to work with." Projects like the Eliza Light reinforce why Northwest Etch believes in the power of ideas—turning flat sheets of metal into something useful and beautiful. Northwest Etch is proud to have helped turn the Eliza Light into a reality using metal etching technology. 

A Culture of Passion

Passion for the companies we create precision metal parts for is what keeps us invested in your projects. Northwest Etch helped craft the inspired Eliza Light, currently on Kickstarter. Folded brass and LED lights create a unique piece of modern art, used as an intuitive lamp planned to ship out to Kickstarter backers in summer 2015.

The UK-designed Eliza Light can be touched to turn on, off, or dim. The lamp runs off a Micro-USB cable like those used for many electronics, with the aim of recycling already-owned cables for use with it. The Eliza Light's geometric deisgn is reminicent of origami, made from folded brass sheets that form a contemporary triangle highlighted by soft light. Creater Wesley Meyer designed the Eliza Light with the intent of delighting others, crafting a lamp that did more than just shine light directly, but played with its presentation. As the Eliza's Lights glow against its sleek angles, it seems he has succeeded. 

The Art of Metal Etching

Photo chemical machining isn't reserved for just the aerospace and medical device industries anymore. Etchings like the delicate pattern we constructed in the Eliza Light's lamp make use of metal in a way that is both purposeful and decorative. Maybe the project you're working on calls for something different—a more pliable material that still has strength, or the ability to achieve uniform intricacy. Metal etching might be just the process you've been looking for. Let us know how metal etching might be a part of your next project.

Explore the Eliza Light project on Kickstarter, and see pledge rewards, timelines, and more before the campaign ends in early January 2015.

About Northwest Etch

Northwest Etch is a metal etching company in Tacoma, Washington, that provides precision metal parts manufacturing. We work with a wide variety of metals, including copper, beryllium copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Northwest Etch creates custom thin metal parts for a wide variety of industries.

(Photos by Eliza Light via Kickstarter)

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